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News: Annual study shows more needs to be done to integrate children’s rights into investment decision-making

Global Child Forum and GES annual study investigates how investors integrate children’s rights into responsible investment policies. Findings show that children’s rights need to be more clearly defined and communicated within the financial sector. Study highlights that there is a need for guidance on integrating children’s rights into investment analysis and decision-making and that it is important to develop methods of monitoring supply chains that ensure children’s rights are addressed throughout the full value chain. Stockholm, 28 September 2015:  This year’s study from the Global Child Forum and GES (Global Engagement Services) indicates that while there is some transparency around how investors address environmental, social and governance issues (ESG), the importance of children’s rights, in relation to responsible corporate behaviour, still needs to be addressed. The study – Investor Perspectives on Children’s Rights - presents results from [...]

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